About Pablo's Produce

About Pablo's Produce, Inc.

We strive to go above and beyond to make sure that the expectations of our customers are surpassed

Pablo’s Produce is a family owned and operated company. We pride ourselves with having the freshest quality produce that is cut to order. We grow our produce on approximately 1,100 acres within Ventura County. Our team monitors all fields personally and maintains the highest standards of quality control.

Our History

History of Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Since 1972, Pablo’s Produce, Inc. has been recognized for its quality products. Founder, Pablo A. Peralta, came from humble beginnings. Migrating from Sonora, Mexico, Pablo began working as a harvester in the United States. After years of gaining experience in the produce industry, he and his wife Margarita decided to start a business of their own. Pablo’s Produce became incorporated in 1982. Just two years later, in 1984, Pablo retired and his son-in-law and daughter, Jorge L. Cueto and Myrna P. Cueto, became the new owners. Jorge is the current President.

Over the years, the products grown by Pablo’s Produce, have expanded from a couple products to now over a dozen.

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Meet Our Team

Jorge Cueto | President | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Jorge Cueto


Jessica Luna | Vice President | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Jessica Luna

Vice President

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Vanessa Meierhoff | Food Safety Coordinator | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Vanessa Meierhoff

Food Safety Coordinator

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Ivan Matsumori | Sales Manager | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Ivan Matsumori

Sales Manager


Johan Soltero | Sales Representative | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Johan Soltero

Sales Representative

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Dawn Hernandez | Office Manager | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Dawn Hernandez

Office Manager


Ricardo Luna | Facility Manager | Pablo's Produce, Inc.

Ricardo Luna

Facility Manager

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